The Nonprofit Newsroom

The Nonprofit Newsroom is a space for high school students to gain hands-on experience as journalists and media professionals.

Students will learn how to research, write, and edit information that can be distributed in print, online media and more, while reporting on local issues and stories. They’ll learn the essentials and responsibilities of news media professionals while learning skills that will prepare them for a career.

Our vision is that the new generation in the field of journalism and media will be as diverse as the stories they tell and the voices that tell them. From covering local and community issues, to topics that affect the nation as a whole- students will bring their individual, diverse experiences and passions to the field of journalism.

Coursework for this program touches on:

  • Identifying issues and topics in civil society
  • Connecting with leaders in the community and conducting interviews
  • Learning key elements of journalism ethics
  • Writing and editing
  • Building a portfolio of finalized, published works

Program Participants

The Nonprofit Newsroom aims to reach and equip diverse groups of high school students with the skills to become the journalists of the next generation. Reaching students well before college, the program aims to increase their odds of succeeding and performing above average in a field that has traditionally excluded the voices of people of color, women, and other marginalized groups. The Nonprofit Newsroom encourages students to dig deeper into their communities and utilize basic journalism principles to speak stories that often go untold.


The Nonprofit Newsroom - Pilot Program

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