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Source: Huffington Post

In America, 570 people experience sexual assault every day.

Across the country, “rape culture” is reinforced in many ways, through media and television, in athletics, through health care policies, and nearly every stereotype of women or men reinforces the normalization of rape culture and sexual violence.

For National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Huffington Post gathered some of the most astonishing, disturbing and absolutely tragic statistics around sexual violence in America.

  1. Nearly 99 percent of perpetrators of sexual violence will walk free
  2. 3 percent of female rape survivors attempt to take their own lives
  3. More than half of transgender persons in the country will experience sexual assault
  4. One in six women survive rape
  5. 3 percent of men in America will be raped in their lifetime
  6. 90 percent of rape victims are women.

Read the full story at: Huffington Post

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Statistics on Sexual Violence in America are Staggering