mOppenheim.Org: Your Leading Source for Nonprofit Stories and Ideas

mOppenheim.Org is a nonprofit organization with a simple mission: highlight the work of nonprofit organizations and the important role they play in tackling the challenges facing civil society.

Since its inception in 2017, mOppenheim.Org has employed three major media initiatives to bring greater attention to nonprofit issues, and the work done by nonprofit organizations and leaders to strengthen the nation and their communities.

  • The TV show INSIGHT with Mark Oppenheim highlights the challenges faced by communities across the country and the work that nonprofit organizations are doing to solve these challenges and strengthen civil society. The series is produced in partnership with PBS stations across the country. Past and current partners include Alaska Public Media, KCOS, KLCS, LakelandPBS, PBS39, ValleyPBS, WHUT, WIPB, WDSE and KBTC among others.
  • The Nonprofit Spotlight series consists of hundreds of published articles focusing on the mission, services, staff, volunteers, and future trajectories of nonprofit organizations. The purpose of this initiative is to draw greater awareness to the work of organizations and services available to community members.
  • mOp-Eds are editorial pieces written by nonprofit and social justice experts to increase visibility of significant societal issues, suggest ideas on how to solve them, and encourage national discourse on these pressing topics.

mOppenheim.Org remains dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and communities by drawing attention to leading organizations, sharing lessons learned, and engaging citizens in the sector’s continued successes and growth.

Our Founder and Host

Mark Oppenheim, host of INSIGHT with Mark Oppenheim and founder of mOppenheim.Org, believes nonprofit leaders are our heroes. mOppenheim.Org’s philosophy is rooted in a deep admiration for those leaders who have a demonstrated ability to make a positive difference in the world.

“Media is not covering nonprofit issues in the same way it’s covering business, sports, politics, and entertainment,” says Mark. “We’re designing mOppenheim.Org to serve nonprofits and inform the public.”